A Taste of Philly in Metro Atlanta

authentic 11.5″ cheesesteaks

Do you remember the Philly Shack in Southwest Atlanta?

Then you will love Apollo’s Steaks.

RealEstate & Restaurants LLC brings the authenticity of Philly and the innovation of gourmet ingredients to the south with Apollo’s Steaks. Born and raised in Philadelphia as a “Young Bul”, Apollo grew up on the distinct flavors of the thinly sliced beef and savory onions and peppers of the famed cheesesteak, down to the warmth of the fresh lightly toasted Amoroso rolls. As the former owner of the Philly Shack in Southwest Atlanta, Apollo’s specialties combine fresh takes on ‘up North’ classics and southern comfort foods. Now Apollo’s Steaks will bring the flavors of Philly to Newnan!